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2018 The Ottawa Guitar Society – January 13 2018 The Guitar Society of Toronto – April 22 2018 Artisan Guitar show in Pennsylvania –  April 13 – 15 2018 Vancouver International Guitar Festival – August 11 – 12 2018 Sonore Festival 2018 Montreal – September 21 – 23 2018   2017 Vancouver Guitar Show Friday June 23,2017 – Sunday … Continue reading Events

Care and Maintenance of your Guitar

High end guitars are constructed of solid wood vs laminated, plywood or some other material. Wood shrinks as it dries and expands as it absorbs moisture from the air. The thin wood used in guitar construction is particularily sensitive to humidity levels and must therefore, be stored within acceptable levels in order to preserve the … Continue reading Care and Maintenance of your Guitar

Sound of Caring Community Project

My mother in-law recently passed away after succumbing to cancer. Thinking back on that loss, my wife Ardell and I will never forget how touched we were with the folks at the Hospice. The care and compassion shown by everyone involved was consistently demonstrated daily. It takes special people, with kind hearts and a passion … Continue reading Sound of Caring Community Project